FUN FACT: It doesn’t matter if you blocked me on Instagram (again? πŸ˜‚) This isn’t instagram. Your username still shows up. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nice try tho.

Anyway. Nathan did his first karate tournament today. It was a small in-house tournament, just for students at the dojo where he trains. I felt like it was the perfect chance to introduce him to tournaments, and yay! He got a participation medal. Say what you want, he was hyped, and we were proud. So go shit on someone else’s parade.

I attempted to make a little Christmas treat I saw on Pinterest and failed. Twice. Idk how, and yes I’m still bitter cause I was really looking forward to them. 😭

I didn’t make it to the gym today, fingers crossed for tomorrow because I had waaaayyy too many chips, treats and tamales today.

Other than that, things haven’t been too crazy or exciting around here lately. I’m hoping to start Christmas shopping next week. Maybe make some different treats that don’t burn. πŸ™„

I can’t really give any updates on my little surprise in the works, mainly because i just don’t have any. Medical records apparently take a ridiculously long time to be released. Hopefully within the next few days I hear something cause its a little discouraging not hearing anything for a full week.

Check in tomorrow or Monday for updates! I know you will.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜


Lately I’ve found myself holding back a lot on here. Like I said, I’d come on, start a post, and never finish it. The main reason being that I feel like it has too much personal information in it.

I’ve discovered that I can track where the views on my page come from, a large amount coming from my instagram, which I appreciate; family and friends. What I don’t appreciate, is almost daily views from people who are no longer a part of my life. Why you feel the need to check up on me and keep track of what’s going on in my life is beyond me. But I’m not going to let it hold me back anymore. Just let me say, I do see you.

I still don’t want to go into full detail or fully say what I’m starting here, because it’s still in the very beginning stages of it. Paper work, medical history and record checks, background checks, building a profile, once it’s all confirmed and set in stone, contracts signed and ready to go, I’ll go into full detail and say exactly what it is. It may be obvious for some just from that description, and if you’ve figured it out then great πŸ˜‰ but maybe in another few weeks or month or so I’ll be able to lay it all out. But for the time being, I’m just so excited to finally be starting this journey.

I’m currently at the gym, I’m getting back on track this week after a week and a half off. I’m doing 4 weeks of HIIT exercises and cardio to cut back down to where I want to be. Lord knows I have not been eating right, that paired with zero working out has got me feeling pretty fluffy. Here’s what I’m doing:

This is what I’m using for the crossfit workouts

This is what I’m doing for cardio days plus 6 minutes of alternating side jogs(wtf I don’t know what these are called or what to call them besides this) and then 10 minutes of walking on incline. After that I do some ab workouts.

Wether I make it the 4 weeks is still unknown 😜

Look out for updates!


So. I suck.

I’ve come on and to start posts and gotten too lazy lol

My free time lately has consisted of A LOT of crafting. I’m getting a lot of new stuff made, got a lot of stuff to sell and I’m really excited.

The boys are growing so much, probably too much 😫 Jake is being so stubborn and still not completely walking. He takes a few steps here and there and stands on his own a lot, but…he’s just choosing not to walk. He CAN walk. I know he can. He just…doesn’t. πŸ™„ Nathan is STILL not in preschool and I’m starting to get very impatient with our district. I’m actually going to try registering him with other districts around us in hopes of him getting in faster.

Tomorrow I have a meeting to start a new journey, I’m so nervous and excited but I don’t want to get too far into it too ahead of time.

Here’s some pictures from the month I’ve been lagging on updating:


Hi. Hello. I’m back lol

We’ve had a fun couple weekends since the birthday madness has been over. The weekend after the party was over my aunt and uncle went camping at Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, and they invited us out to the beach for the day. As soon as we found out Mando didn’t work that Saturday we said we were in. We didn’t go to the beach all summer cause of his schedule so I’m glad we got this trip in, it’s such a pretty beach. 

This past weekend we took the boys to the pumpkin patch. Jake couldn’t do much because he’s STILL being stubborn and not walking πŸ™„ plus all the jumpers and rides were for the bigger kids. But he still enjoys being out and about so it was fun for everyone. 

I’m a little frustrated right now because Nathan is on a waiting list for preschool through our city’s school district and it’s just taking forever. I’m starting to get nervous that he’s not gonna get any time to get used to being in a classroom setting before he has to start kindergarten. And I’m also starting to get really scared that he’s going to fall behind educationally. Before having Jake I was able to work with him on things a little more but now, not so much. And I feel super guilty about it. I’m really going to start trying to set aside more time to do it and look into what preschool curriculums include, get some worksheets printed and really start on this with him. These past few weeks we’ve done a few Halloween arts and crafts that he did really really well with. I cut out all the pieces for him while he’s napping, that way when he wakes up we have something fun to work on.


I went to Michael’s this morning and picked up a few things to start a couple different projects. I’m super excited about this. I don’t want to post too much about it yet, maybe in a few weeks I’ll post a few pictures and get into it a little more.

I can say that I sold all of the Mickey Mouse decorations that I made for Jake’s party and it felt so good. I love making this stuff and I get a lot of compliments on it, so to sell everything I made, it just felt really really good. 

Jake is on this new level of maturity lately. It’s like since he’s a big bad 1 year old now he’s a whole new kid, he doesn’t seem so much like a baby anymore. Nathan on the other hand is really testing out his attitude. Besides that I’m really proud of him because he’s been doing really well in karate, he got his tiger yellow belt a few weeks ago, and his kicks and punches are getting a lot better.

I’ve been eating like crap for the past week, my grandparents came out for Jake’s party and we had to hit all their favorite spots, + the party goodies, and now I’m left with all this goodie bag candy and I have zero self control. I’ve stepped up my workouts a bit but you know they say you can’t outwork a bad diet, so I guess I need to get my ass in line and stop eating this shit 😫 it’s ok cause I’ve just about picked out all of the chocolate and that’s all I really want πŸ˜‚

It’s bath time here in my house so check in tomorrow, maybe I’ll remember to update. Hopefully. ✌🏼


The party madness is over.

Our big boy is 1, and we threw him the cutest little party. I’m so so happy with the way everything turned out. The decorations I made, my sister in law got so many cute things for the party, the piΓ±ata, the cutest, tastiest caramel apples, my aunt made the cutest cake and cupcakes, and just all the help we had from family setting it all up. I got more pictures than usual, so here they come. πŸ˜‰

I didn’t get any pictures of the banners hung, the center pieces on the table, or the food table but I’m just so happy that I even got any. Now that the party and Jake’s birthday is all said and done hopefully I’ll be posting more. ✌🏼


I’ve come on a few times and started up a post and didn’t get to finishing it, so let’s see what I get done tonight lol Clearly, I’ve been lagging, so let’s see what I can catch up on.

The first thing that comes to mind is Jakes birthday party. I’m not nearly as far along with decorations as I’d like to be, but I’m almost done. Everything was on hold for the past week and a half when the boys got sick, and I do mean EVERYTHING. I missed out on my “me” time at the gym for 10 days straight, not much house work got done, no laundry, no decorations, nothing. Nathan had an upper respiratory infection and Jake had a pretty serious case of croup, serious enough for a dose of steroids and a breathing treatment in the ER. It was scary, but we got through it and they’re both doing so much better. 

Mando’s work schedule has been crazy, but work is work and we definitely need it. 

Friday was our 11 year anniversary. We didn’t get to have a date night like we had wanted to due to the boys still recovering and his work schedule but he did have the weekend off so it was nice to have him home. 

We had another little scare this past week, and as much as Mando would say differently, I know for a fact we were both freaking out. I was 2 days late on my period, and I’ve always been super regular, so when I realized I hadn’t started I went into panic mode. I actually took a pregnancy test, I don’t know what went wrong, I don’t know if I peed on it too much, or not enough, but I got a “test error” message so, no answers there. My period eventually came, with a fury. And I do have to say as much as I was freakin terrified, I was also a little sad. I know we need to wait, Jake’s still a baby, diapers and formula for 2 would cost way too much , and I feel like Jake just needs his time to be a baby and not be rushed to be big brother. But I REALLY like being pregnant. Summer 2018 is sounding like a good time to start trying for number 3. 

That’s all I can really think of to update on, I’ll probably remember more later on so I’ll save that for another post, but here’s some pictures from the last month to catch up on.



Look at me being on top of updating! I’m on a rollllllll πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Another weekend has flown bye, and it was a pretty fun one. Friday night Mando’s sisters came over, the boys got in some play time with their cousin Nova, which left the house nice and messy lol but they had a good time though so πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Saturday morning we also spent some time with them, we met up at Home Depot so Nathan and Nova could do the kids workshop, they made a Penske truck.

Sunday I attempted to have a yard sale, but we got a super late start and ended up only getting 1 customer and made $7. But hey, it’s $7 more than we had before lol goodwill is gonna get a good drop off soon! 

I made a little progress with birthday decorations, I painted clothes pins for the monthly pictures and finished cutting out the last of the Mickey heads. I went to target twice (2 different stores) and neither of them had the favors bags or Mickey straws I’m looking for so I’m annoyed. (Yes, I’m very easily annoyed.) I found them online on targets website but after tax and shipping it’s just not worth it. I’ll wait til I find them in store.

I’m super happy because the picture ledges that I ordered from ikea came in! Mando actually hung them when I asked and I’m in love! 

Please excuse Nathan in his undies, he wouldn’t move. πŸ™„


I’m super excited cause I’ve gotten a lot done for the party in the last day and a half.


Top right: the bigger Mickey head with the red “1” will be the center with the smaller red, yellow and black heads around it.

Bottom right: I’ve been taking pictures of Jake every month and these will be hung with the numbers.

Top left: happy birthday banner

Bottom left: this “one” banner will either go on his high chair when he eats his cake, or at the actual cake table, I haven’t made up my mind yet. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ 

I still have a lot to make but I feel good about what I’ve gotten done so far. It doesn’t seem like a ton, but that was a buttload of cutting and my fingers felt like they were gonna fall off. 

Yesterday was also a really good day because the boys finally got to meet their grandma.(Mando’s mom.)  The boys didn’t seem shy at all when they met her, so I’m happy that that side of the family is starting to feel a little more complete. 

I really want to go to Michael’s and buy everything else I need for the party, but I’m gonna practice some self control lol hopefully I can go sometime this weekend though so I can start making the center pieces and goodie bags. Look out for a post on Sunday or Monday! 

“What’s done is done. What’s gone is gone. One of life’s lessons is always moving on. It’s ok to look back to see how far you’ve come, but keep moving forward.”

– Roy Bennet
Can I just say that it’s a really great feeling to come to the realization that you’re over a situation. That you’re no longer dwelling on what happened or what was lost. That you no longer have ill feelings for a person, just hope that one day they can forget you too. 

I do find myself keeping happy memories. Because there was plenty of them. I’m sad that there was a friendship lost for my son, that there’s a beautiful little life growing everyday that I don’t get to have a part in anymore. But I know she’s ok and she’s going to grow to be an amazing person. 

As many happy memories that I have, for a while they were hard to see. The end was full of so much ugliness. So much time was spent bad mouthing and trying to paint me in a bad light. Trying to really push the picture of me “walking away.” For a while I saw it as me being pushed away, but now I can see the truth for what it is and that I ran. There was so much negativity. Competition. Tit for tat. Drama. So many things I don’t need in my life, and when it was presented time after time, I ran.  And although I did for a while, now don’t regret it.

It hurt for a while. A long while. I felt heart broken. Like a piece of me was gone. I tried to repair what I had done, to regain what was lost. But when a person shows a different side, a completely different side, someone you didn’t know. It was what I needed.

I haven’t made any new friends. But I’ve been lucky enough to come back to friendships I once knew and I’ve had them grow into more than they’ve ever been. Beautiful women who are so supportive, so caring, who truly and honestly amazing people. There’s no competition. There’s no drama. It’s a great feeling.