Soooooo….here goes my first blog entry. Kinda nervous. I guess I’ll start off with a little intro, my name is Danielle. Newly married to my baby daddy (he hates when I call him that.) We have a Soon to be 3 year old named Nathan. We may have done things a little out of order, as far as the whole “first comes love, then come marriage, then comes a baby…” But it just so happens to have been the right order for us. I’m 26 and Mando (baby daddy, husband, bear, boo thang) is 27. We’ve been together for 9 1/2 years now, high school sweet hearts :), aaaaand its been great. Jk, it’s been a battle. But more on that later.

So like I said, I’m 26, and from the name of my blog you’ve probably guessed that I am indeed a stay at home mom. It’s been a huge blessing being able to stay home with Nathan. He’s an amazing little boy. He has so much personality, sass (my fault), attitude (also my fault), he’s so incredibly smart and funny. I know every mom says that but honestly…he really is k. Nathan and I spend our days eating, coloring, fighting (we’re stubborn, yes, my fault) building, reading, terrorizing the parks around our home, and farting. I’m a black belt in Muay Thai/Krav Maga. I’m hoping to get my 2nd degree within the next year and a half. I really love going to the gym. Anddddd….that’s about it. I’m kinda a bore.

I’m not quite sure what else I should add. So I’ll just end it here. Im really excited that I made this finally, and hopefully from my daily or every other day entries I can help other stay at home moms or new moms or just…keep you entertained I guess.