Photo collage letter.

I’m about to finish my last D.I.Y. gift and I’m toooo excited. 

I don’t want to post any pictures of the process right now because I’m not giving it to the couple until later on tonight. 

I had seen these on Pinterest before but I followed the instructions from this page:

Like I said, I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see how this comes out! 🤞🏻

Update: surprise surprise; I forgot to take a picture of the final product. 😑

Here’s everything before I glued it on and finished it. 

“Buttered” noodles.

I made this sauce and it came out SO yummy. The original recipe calls for milk, Parmesan and butter but I used vegan alternatives and it came out JUST as yummy. The only thing is…I undercooked the pasta. 😑 I’m so annoyed with myself cause I should’ve tried the pasta before I mixed it with the sauce but ya know…I didn’t…so.


-16oz pasta of your choice

-1 cup of butternut squash purée

-1/2 cup of milk

-4 tbsp of butter

-4 tbsp of Parmesan

-1/2 tsp of salt


-cut squash into medium sized cubes and steam. (I used squash that was precut at the store.)

-cook pasta according to the directions on the package.

-once steamed, purée squash.

-add all of the ingredients (except the pasta) to a food processor and blend until smooth.

-pour over (fully cooked) pasta and enjoy.  😜

Christmas Day. 

It’s such an amazing feeling to have a family who love us so much. My boys are definitely blessed with the best. I don’t mean presents. I mean the nonstop love that they get. Words can’t even describe the feeling. 

2016 started off rocky. But it’s proved to be a really great year for us and I couldn’t be happier.

We’ve got our sights set on big things for 2017. I’m a tad nervous, but ready for it. 

Christmas Eve.

I guess I’m having a moment. I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve. I can’t believe another year has passed. I can’t believe Jacob is here. I can’t believe all of the changes that have happened this past year and what’s to come in this next year.

It’s 8pm so Nathan will be going to bed soon. We’ll have to take another picture putting our carrots and cookies out, this one is from last year. 

Update: here’s our picture from tonight. 

Queen procrastinator. 

That’s me. I pretty much wait til the very last minute to do everything. But. I like to think that I work very well under pressure.

Up until yesterday I only had one gift done. One. No exaggeration. I was only able to do so much shopping yesterday because Mando worked and I had to take the boys with me. He was off today (yay for rainy days!) so I was able to go solo and knock out ALMOST everything. All I need is a gift for two more people. One is my dad and he is THE hardest person to shop for. He never wants anything and when he does, he usually gets it for himself. No one ever knows what to get him. 

Mando is taking the boys to get the last 2 gifts while I go to the gym. 🙌🏻 bless him. 

I’m so excited for Christmas. I can’t believe it’s 4 days away. I’m trying to figure out when I’m gonna wrap the boys’ presents. I feel like the only time I have to do it is when the boys are asleep. But for some reason they never nap at the same time. And I feel like anything you do at 11pm is just 10x louder for whatever reason so then someone is bound to wake up. 

Mom thoughts…

I was just on Pinterest looking for playroom ideas (we don’t have a playroom…but a girl can dream, right?) and there was a really cool DIY matchbox car garage. There were tons of different cars on it and I just so happened to notice that whoevers child this is has like 6 lightning McQueen cars…and then I didn’t feel so bad about Nathan having 6 either. 🙈 

Speaking of lightning and Nathan, he’s finally chosen his 4th birthday party theme. I was pretty sure he was gonna go with paw patrol but he chose lightning McQueen. Which is fine with me because I can reuse some things from his party last year. I’m gonna wait til January to start buying ahd making stuff but I’ve already got so many ideas and I’m really excited. 


Before we had Jake I was obsessed with keeping the house clean. Every other day I was cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, clothes were always picked up, folded and put away or hung. Toys were picked up every night before bed. 

I have been so off my game. I went on a cleaning spree this morning but before that…I’m so ashamed of how my house looked. 

I need to get myself back on a cleaning schedule. I know I have the time, I’m just so tired. I think I’ll have to spread it out throughout the whole week instead of trying to knock everything out in one day.

I’m thinking;

Sunday: laundry. Clean, fold, put away.

Monday: grocery shopping and cook.

Tuesday: kitchen.

Wednesday: vacuum.

Thursday: bathroom. 

Friday: vacuum.

Saturday: go over kitchen and bathroom.

I feel comfortable with tackling the kitchen and bathroom Saturday cause Mando will be home to watch the kids so I won’t have to worry about having to stop and start. I think I’ll start with this and of course if things need to be switched around I’ll fix it. But I can’t let my house get like it was again. 

Breakfast 🍳 

So this is my go to breakfast for the guys. I like them too, but I have to limit myself because the amount of syrup I like on my pancakes is not ok for every day consumption.

I don’t think the serving sizes on the box are quite right. When I do make a full batch it’s enough for 5-6 pancakes and a half batch is enough for 3 maaaaybe 4.

I use vanilla almond milk, and I use apple sauce instead of eggs. I also like to throw in some cinnamon 👌🏼

This mix is super cheap, so I usually buy 2 or 3 boxes at a time. Yea. We eat it that much.

Pizza crescent rolls.

Tonight’s dinner is brought to you by crescent rolls that Nathan insisted I buy, and pepperoni and cheese that I needed to use before it went bad.

Nathan loves pepperoni pizza and he LOVES crescent rolls. In fact, I don’t think he ate anything BUT crescent rolls on thanksgiving. But he ate right? Anyway. I may have gotten lost in an episode of Peppa Pig and left these in the oven a few minutes too long. 🙈

So here we have it; crescent pizza rolls with pizza sauce for dipping.


So I have to start this post with a story. 

I never really did diy, I’ve just never been too crafty. 

But for Nathan’s 3rd birthday we were on a tight budget and the boy couldn’t choose just 1 theme to save his life. He wanted paw patrol, cars, Thomas, ninja turtles, all in one party. So I thought a planes, trains and cars party would be the perfect mix. But there wasn’t much to buy for that theme. So this is where it all began. I started a Pinterest board and went for it. I made banners, wall decorations, I made traffic signs with a little birthday twist. I fell in love. Then I did my baby shower. I didn’t really have a theme there, I just chose the colors, a light blue-ish grey with grey stripes, and grey owls. I’ve also discovered that I’m really good at failing to take pictures of all my decorations hung and put up during the parties. But. Oh well. 

This is what I have for the birthday party and shower. Bad. I know. It was all so cute and deserved better pictures 😭

The soaps and lotions were the game prizes and the popcorn bags were the favors.

These are the only pictures I got of the birthday party. 

I’m planning on doing Nathan’s 4th birthday party diy as well. I’d start now if I could, but I haven’t gotten the red light from the hubbs yet. 😐 

I’m also super excited cause I did my first somewhat diy Christmas gift. I kinda love it. Special shoutout to Pinterest. You the real VIP. 😘