Before we had Jake I was obsessed with keeping the house clean. Every other day I was cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, clothes were always picked up, folded and put away or hung. Toys were picked up every night before bed. 

I have been so off my game. I went on a cleaning spree this morning but before that…I’m so ashamed of how my house looked. 

I need to get myself back on a cleaning schedule. I know I have the time, I’m just so tired. I think I’ll have to spread it out throughout the whole week instead of trying to knock everything out in one day.

I’m thinking;

Sunday: laundry. Clean, fold, put away.

Monday: grocery shopping and cook.

Tuesday: kitchen.

Wednesday: vacuum.

Thursday: bathroom. 

Friday: vacuum.

Saturday: go over kitchen and bathroom.

I feel comfortable with tackling the kitchen and bathroom Saturday cause Mando will be home to watch the kids so I won’t have to worry about having to stop and start. I think I’ll start with this and of course if things need to be switched around I’ll fix it. But I can’t let my house get like it was again. 

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