“Buttered” noodles.

I made this sauce and it came out SO yummy. The original recipe calls for milk, Parmesan and butter but I used vegan alternatives and it came out JUST as yummy. The only thing is…I undercooked the pasta. 😑 I’m so annoyed with myself cause I should’ve tried the pasta before I mixed it with the sauce but ya know…I didn’t…so.


-16oz pasta of your choice

-1 cup of butternut squash purée

-1/2 cup of milk

-4 tbsp of butter

-4 tbsp of Parmesan

-1/2 tsp of salt


-cut squash into medium sized cubes and steam. (I used squash that was precut at the store.)

-cook pasta according to the directions on the package.

-once steamed, purée squash.

-add all of the ingredients (except the pasta) to a food processor and blend until smooth.

-pour over (fully cooked) pasta and enjoy.  😜

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