Last night was fun. I made my long awaited return to Krav Maga/Muay Thai. I’ve been doing it for about 5 or 6 years now, I’m a black/blue belt. I SHOULD be testing for my 2nd degree December 2018. I say should because I SHOULD already be a 2nd degree but ya know…babies kinda slow ya down. 

With Nathan I was able to stay in class until I was 4 months pregnant and with Jake I stayed until 5 months. With Nathan I really wanted to stay longer but they asked me step out for mine and Nathan’s safety. Understandable. With Jake they agreed to let me stay as long as I’d like, under the condition that I couldn’t work with anyone else. Also understandable. But my back and my hips hurt So. Damn. Bad. With Jake so I had to step out earlier than I thought.

Last night was so great though. I feel like it all came back so easily. I was really nervous because when I went back after having Nathan I felt completely different. I felt like I forgot everything, I sucked, the love just wasn’t there any more. I made myself stay until I got my black belt, but by then I was hooked again.

I’m so freakin glad to be back though and I can’t wait to go to class again. I would go again tonight but I’m forcing myself to ease into it so I don’t overdo it and hurt myself. 

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