About last night…

Last night was Thursday night. And Thursday’s at the dojo means sparring. I haven’t sparred since last year, and I mean that literally. I’m not doing that New Years joke…I literally haven’t sparred since last February when I realized my period was late. 

I was nervous about sparring, I always  am because you never know what kinda mood some people in class will be in so you don’t know if you’re walking into a friendly match or a UFC fight. But last night I was mostly nervous because of how long it had been, and I haven’t been doing much cardio. 

So I get to class late, get started with everyone on the warmup and then stretch, and then the Senseis tell the black belts to line up on one side of the mats and the lower rankers to line up across from us. Now let me just say it was a big ass class last night. 

This was everyone. There were 10 black belts, we had a non stop sparring session against every single lower ranker in the class. All 18 of them. 

But even when I wanted to quit I didn’t. And I’m so freakin proud of myself. It felt so good that everything just came back to me. I’m noticing now more and more with 2 kids how easy it is to get caught up in being a mom that you forget about yourself. I’m not saying that to make myself seem like the greatest mom alive. Because I’ll be the first to call bullshit on that. Its 4:30 and my 3 year old is still in his pajamas, laundry is backed up, I have a sink full of dishes, I forgot to text my grandma back, sometimes I go a few days longer than I should giving the boys a bath because I just don’t want conflict…this is me. And I’ll never deny it. But being a mom takes a lot of time, wether you’re working or staying home. It’s a full time job either way. And if you’re a mom you know what I mean. So when you get back to something that you had to step away from for so long, and you come back and it’s like you never left, it’s an amazing feeling. 

As hard as last nights class was I’m so happy I went. Even if I did get socked in the boob a couple times. 

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