So Nathan’s getting better. He’s still coughing, but it’s not the dry barking cough it was. It’s breaking up and he’s finally getting a better nights sleep. 

But, on the other hand, Jake’s got a stuffy nose and was up every hour last night. I just wanna sleep guys.

I have the chance to take a nap right now, but I have a gift card to Michaels and it’s burnin a hole in my pocket. 

I also really wanna finish cleaning off my dining room table. We’ve basically been using it for storage 🙈 but in a week or so we’ll be able to start giving Jake rice cereal and I want to start eating dinner at the table. 

Budgeting sucks. I wanna buy a cabinet for the living room, some sort of storage thingy for the dining room, I NEED to get Nathan his big boy bed. I mean I suppose out of all of the things I want Nathan’s bed is the only thing we actually need. I keep telling myself we have time, we didn’t put Nathan in the crib til he was 4 months so we’ll do the same with Jake. But then I actually stop and think and it hits me that 4 months is just a week or so away. Mind blown. Time is really flying this time around.

I really just can’t wait to get our house. I gotta check myself so often and remind myself what the budgeting is really for. This apartment is so nice and cozy and we’ve made so many memories, but dammit we’re running out of space. And I can’t wait to decorate. And have a playroom. And space. And just have something that is OURS. Ugh. Patience. Just a few more months. 🙏🏻🏡

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