Every time I make a blog post with the date in the subject I almost always put a different year. And it’s not 2016. Right now I almost put 2012. Wtf.

Anyway, I went to Michael’s this morning but I couldn’t buy anything 😭 I couldn’t find my gift card anywhere and I’m so mad! They had the cutest frames that were 70% off and 2 really cute wall decor pieces for 40% off. It hurt my heart to leave empty handed. I’ll be back my pretties. You will be on my walls!

I cleaned my dining room! We can finally eat family dinners there, in fact we did last night. It was slightly torturous. Nathan sings songs more than he eats and messes around so freakin much. I know he’s 3, but cheese and rice. I have no idea how many times I had to remind him to eat. And to stop picking his nose. Boy mom problems. 😵

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