Today was a really productive day. 

I got my sink full of dishes washed and the kitchen clean before 10am. Took the boys to the park, got in a good hour there and then went grocery shopping. We all took really good naps(yes, naps are an important part of productive days. You can’t pour from an empty cup. 😉) I got 2 loads of Mando’s laundry done, picked up the house, cleaned my room, went through Jake’s clothes(I have a serious hoarding issue with the boys clothes, but more on that later.) and got Mando’s breakfast and lunch ready for work tomorrow. I swear; when I’m productive I get shit done. But when I’m lazy…oh man. I have to give some credit to the boys because they were both actually in pretty good moods today which allowed me to get so much done. Way to go little guys. 😘 

So. About my hoarding issue. In most situations I’m more of a “if we don’t need it, toss it.” Type of person. We’ll give things away to family members or friends, sell it if we can, or take it to good will. But when it comes to the boys clothes, I have a really hard time parting ways. I kept a BUNCH of Nathan’s old clothes, and I know what you’re thinking…hand-me-downs! Yes, in some cases. Before Jake was born I went through what baby clothes I kept from Nathan and I’d say 75% I couldn’t bring myself to hang up and use for Jake. I wanted to keep it for Nathan somehow. Like, I wanted it to be exclusively his. I have no idea what this was all about. But I just could not bring myself to put them in the closet for Jake. I try to go through Nathan’s clothes every month to weed out what is just destroyed (throw away), what is still in good shape but too small(hand-me-downs), and what I really just want to keep. And I didn’t notice until tonight, when I went to put some of Jake’s stuff away, but I’m running out of room. Im gonna need a new box in about another month. I look at the box, and I feel a tad ashamed. It’s a pretty big box and it’s filled almost to the top with clothes, a few of Nathan’s favorite baby toys and a few pairs of shoes from Nathan’s first year. I’d say a good 80% of the box is from Nathan’s first 3 years, there’s a small corner of Jake’s clothes. But just…like…can I really keep this up?! I mean I kinda have to. I can’t bring myself to part with ANY of it. But I don’t really have room for multiples of these boxes just to hoard the boys clothes! I mean…

It’s a lot of stuff guys. Our apartment is not that big and when we get a house I don’t want to take up that much space in the garage with this. Who am I kidding? I have to. I’m in it this deep, there’s no turning back now. Just tell me I’m not the only one…please?

This weekend was pretty busy but fun. Mando and I had our first time away from the boys since we had Jake. We played footgolf. Basically golf with soccer balls. I sucked. Then Sunday we went to one of Mando’s 7 aunts birthday party. Im not exaggerating, he literally has 7 aunts, and after 10 years I’m finally starting to get the names down. So like I said, the weekend was crazy, the house was a mess last night but I got it all sorted out today. 

I guess you’re all caught up. 

Oh, the boys are all better, no more sickies and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

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