So I have a workout tab on here for all workout related posts. So far it has 2 about Muay Thai, but they’re not really as in depth and descriptive as I imagined my “workout”‘postings being. 

I’ll be very honest and say that I haven’t been on my game much. I haven’t been too motivated not only with my workouts, but with my eating as well. But with the beginning of February I made a promise to myself to step it up. Make no excuses about workouts and get my shit together with my diet.

For the past year and half I’ve been a vegetarian. Before that I was a vegan for 4-5 years and a vegetarian for about 9 months before that. I’ve never liked meat or eggs really, so there’s no problem there. But dairy…it just calls to me. And it’s a call I can’t seem to ignore. It’s a true addiction guys. Anyway, besides me being a gassy pimply mess it was giving poor Jake really bad gas. So for me, it had to go. 

Now as far as my workouts go, it’s kinda hard to get myself to the gym these days. When Mando works I haven’t been working out. And it’s really frustrating. Until Jake is 6 months old I can’t enroll him in kids club at the gym, and obviously I can’t go to practice at the dojo without someone to watch the boys. I have parents, I have a brother, cousins , Mando’s sisters, they’re all willing to spend time with the boys and watch them for me. But then I feel guilty. I feel like I’m becoming a burden. They have they’re own lives to live. This is just me. It’s my own thing to get over and I’m really trying. 

This week coming up, when Mando works I’m going to try to take them to the dojo so I can have them on the mat with me while I workout. I’m gonna give it a couple shots to see how it works out. I’ve also started a different workout schedule but I’m still workin a few kinks out, I’ll post it once I get it all worked out. Get it…worked out…work outs. Nvm. 

So far I’m 4 for 4 with my eating and exercising for February and I feel good.

More workout posts to come. 😉

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