This month has been a struggle. We’re 8 days in but it’s been real.

My husband works in asphalt, so when it’s raining, too cold or too moist out, he doesn’t work. Which lately has been A LOT. He drives for Uber in the meantime, but the money he makes with that isn’t what we’d normally get from his job. 

I managed to put aside a good amount of money last month but after rent and groceries this week, we were barely left with anything. Maybe a couple hundred to our names. And it sucked. My dream of getting us into a house was pretty much shattered. 

We did our taxes tonight though and I swear my prayers were answered. By the time our lease is up in October we will be in a house and I’m just So. Freakin. Happy.

I can put back what we had to spend of our savings, get Nathan his bed and keep saving. 

Thank you God. 

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