I was beyond overwhelmed today. 

Jake is not a good sleeper at all. For naps or at night. Add in a 4 year old hasn’t been good at all, and it’s really starting to take its toll. 

I feel so bad having to be so hard on Nathan, but he just HAS NOT been good. He hasn’t been listening, he’s been doing things we’ve told him time after time not to do. And it’s back to back to back with him. One thing after another. I really do try to be patient with him, I try to give him as much attention as I can so he doesn’t feel like he’s being pushed aside and acting out because of that, but he makes it really hard sometimes.

I’ve only worked out once this week because I’ve been so damn tired. And to add on top of all of this, milk supply is so low right now. 

I’ve already told Mando that 6 months of breastfeeding is all I can do. The constant pumping, fighting to keep my milk supply up, it causes me so much anxiety that I don’t even think it’s worth it. I wish I could go a full year but I’m tired of this. 1 more month is all I’m willing to do. 

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