Date night. 

Last night is still replaying in my mind.

Mando and I have a mutual love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. After seeing Adele back in September, (our last date night) we kinda made an unspoken agreement that we needed to do that more often. So back in November, when we heard about the RHCP 2017 tour heading to the staples center we knew we had to get tickets. The problem was they only had one show and it was on a Tuesday. I missed getting us tickets for that one, it sold out SO fast. Then, due to high demand they added a second show on Wednesday, failed again. Lucky us, they added a THIRD show for Friday and Mando scored us FLOOR SEATS. Like I said, that was back in November, so we’ve been pumped about this for what seemed like forever and last night was the magical night. 

It wasn’t without a scary moment though. Our plan was to have my parents come over and watch the boys, but Friday afternoon my mom text me to tell me she had pink eye. We both agreed that it wasn’t a good idea for her to be around the boys until her meds kicked in. We could’ve had my dad watch both boys but…I mean I know how it is with both boys. It can be overwhelming and he hasn’t watched kids since my brother and I were kids. We asked my aunt and uncle if they could step in and thank God they said yes. We’re seriously so lucky to have them in our lives. They’re always showing us and our boys constant love and they’re always there for us. 

Like I said, the show was freakin amazing. They’re even better live. I saw one guy get tackled in the aisle literally RIGHT next to me, no exaggeration, his beer splashed me as they tackled him to the ground, we still don’t know why. Besides that it was crazy amazing. I’ve loved them since I was like, 7 or 8 at least. I remember listening to them with my dad and brother so to hear those exact songs live was like a dream come true.

I don’t know when we’ll have another date night and I doubt we’ll ever top this, but I can’t wait for another date night with my husband. 

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