I didn’t have much planned for today besides giving the boys a bath and hopefully getting to the gym. Target was definitely not on my list of places to go today (stupid budgeting) but a valve on my pump broke and that’s something I just couldn’t do without. 

So, we get to target, I’m over here preaching to Nathan that we’re only there for ONE thing. I get my new valves(a 2 pack! Whooo!) and I notice teething rings are on the same aisle, and Jake is in desperate need of one. So, I grabbed one. Thennnn, I’ve been thinking of a St. Patrick’s day goodie to make for Nathan so…there went my “one thing” promise. BUT, he didn’t get a toy. AND, another plus; I only spent $22 which is a record and should be celebrated. Maybe with some St. Patrick’s day rice crispie treats. 😬 (Nathan approved.)

That’s all I’ve got for now, maybe I’ll update with more later on tonight. ✌🏼

Update: so it’s bed time. I could’ve gone to the gym. Mando got home from the gym at a good time and I was dressed and left, BUT….I wanted to get Nathan a little something for St. Patrick’s day. I think it’s super cute. 

And btw; who the heck knew finding gold chocolate coins the night before st Patrick’s day would be so damn hard?!

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