I cannot believe tomorrow is the first day of April. We have so much going on next month.

Jake will be the big 6 months on the 6th, my moms birthday is on the 10th, my grandparents are coming out from Ohio to visit on the 12th, Nathan’s birthday party is on the 23rd, we will take him on a birthday adventure on his actual birthday (the 24th), then he has his 4 year check up on the 25th, and then we have a baby shower on the 30th. April is starting to become our November(we have a birthday like every other day in November. Including mine and Mando’s.) 

I still have so much to do for Nathan’s party. I’ve been lagging hard on making decorations so I need to get on it before I really have NO time.

I’ve been thinking about making a YouTube channel for the boys, in reality it would mostly be for Nathan, but that’s only til Jake is big enough to participate. We’ll see.

Workouts have been going so freakin well. I’ve been working out with my friend. She has a little gym in her apartments, I can take the boys and have them in there with us and she also takes her twin girls. It’s so nice to have her to talk to and laugh with. She’s so laid back and doesn’t judge, I know I can say anything around her and we’ll laugh about it. Plus having her to keep me accountable is so great. Today I have workout C to do and cardio tomorrow and I’m done with week 2. 

It’s only 9:30 in the morning right now so maybe I’ll update throughout the day or later on in the night. ✌🏼

UPDATE: now it’s 9:30pm lol

Today was a really good day. Besides Nathan’s attitude. But anyways.

I went to the dojo this morning and got in my workout. We went to target after to pick up some essentials. Toilet paper, new tooth brushes for everyone and loofahs for Mando and I. Nathan was in desperate need, and I mean DESPERATE need of new PJs. He looked like he was expecting a flood alllll week. I wanted to buy Jake some new jammies but he had some at home that I was pretty sure would still fit. I was wrong, they won’t zip up around his thighs. My boy is healthy. 

I thought that would be the highlight of the day but my friend invited me over to workout at her house. And I couldn’t turn it down. I love hanging out with her so much. It’s seriously non stop laughs. We’re hilarious. So I got my cardio and workout in in one day. 🙋🏼 

That’s it for today. On to a new day and new month tomorrow. 

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