Today has just been one of those days.

I vacuumed, I did the dishes, the house got picked up before bedtime. But somehow I feel like such a failure.

Nathan hit his head on a door this morning and I swear he’s so lucky it didn’t crack open. He was tripping all over the place, throwing fits, not listening. Just over and over and over.

Jake had his 6 month appointment and we left the house on time, got there 15 minutes early to check in come to find out the cancelled the appointment yesterday. “They called and left a message.” No call. No message. We still got in but it was an hour wait. Jake got his shots so that +he has a tooth that’s cutting means he’s been one grumpy boy.

The boys and I were just waking up when Mando was getting home from work this morning. So, besides a shower and maybe and hour of play time it was all me today.

I need some me time and I’m really starting to feel it. I haven’t worked out since Monday so I’m feeling chubby, I’m breaking out cause I’m due to get a visit from aunt flow any day now. And I’m just really feeling down on myself. Really, really down.  

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