Ok so I’ve been lagging on my posts.

Last week was not my best week and I figured out why; sweet sweet aunt flow. You bitch. It’s just…ugh it’s horrible this month. My eating was all over the place (and it’s even spilled into this week…hello dairy.) and I worked out 3 times last week.

This week is much better, besides the occasional dairy splurge. We signed the boys up for kids club at the gym so I’ve been taking them since Saturday. 

I won’t be able to take them today though, Mando brought a sickness into our house and Nathan caught it. I swear, he’s a typical man already. He just cannot hang while he’s sick. I keep trying to explain that I can’t drop everything and stay in bed with him all day(as much as I’d like to.) He seems to be doing a little better so far but I don’t have a lot of hope for bedtime for the next few nights. 

I think I wrote on here that my grandma and grandpa are flying out to visit. They live in Ohio and they’re coming out for Nathan’s birthday and my cousins baby shower. This trip took an unexpected turn before it even started though. When my grandma last came out, I wanna say it was last August, it was a trip that didn’t really have a set date for when she’d fly back home. Her brother had cancer and she came out to help take care of him while he underwent radiation and chemotherapy. She had to leave in October, a couple weeks after Jake was born. It was kind of a scary thing, because he still had some treatments to go and she felt guilty leaving him in a time of need. But things got better and we were all really happy and feeling positive about it. This past Thursday he had a Drs appointment and they found that the cancer had spread to his liver, stage 4 and they’re giving him 2-3 months. It’s a little…I dunno…unreal? We just heard that he was doing better and then to hear that it took such a huge turn. I don’t really get it. Cancer is seriously terrifying. 

My grandparents land tonight, so we won’t see them til tomorrow morning. They’re always on the go though so we’ll see how much I get posted in the time they’re here. I’m going to try to get a ton of pictures cause Nathan LOVES when they visit. 

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