This one’s for my mommies out there;

If you have a little one you know the struggle of getting them to eat while they’re teething. Jacob cut his 2 central incisors at the same time. They started to come in right around the 6 month mark, and it’s been a battle to get him to eat food since then. In the past week he’s completely turned down food of any kind which means that he’s been wanting more bottles. Lucky me, my milk has dropped because I’m due to get a visit next week. (If you know what I mean.) 

I tried different foods, feeding him different ways, but nothing has really worked.

I finally came across this online, and thought, what the heck do I have to lose? Turns out it’s perfect. 

I tried it with him for the first time yesterday and he ate more food yesterday than he had in a week. 

I think I’ve worked it down to 2 factors with him. The first being his teeth hurt. So the fact that he can chew on this to relieve some of the pain and he also gets food out is a win win. Second, I don’t think he likes baby food. I fully believe Jacobs trying to keep up with his brother and is going to try to bypass any “baby” phases he can. I’m trying to mix up foods for him, give him more flavor, I tried a teething biscuit with him yesterday and he loved it. So I feel like we’re heading in the right direction here. 

Back to this Boon feeder thingy though, cause it’s amazing. It’s super simple to open up and put the food in. Easy to take apart and clean. I did try to put baby food in it and that was just a mess, bad call on my part. I’ve only tried fruit chunks in it so far, but I’m thinking of throwing in an avocado today and maybe steaming some carrots or squash to put in there. Look out for more posts on this cause I love it and I’ll definitely be updating. 

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