Okayyyyy so I’m really sucking at posting these days. I was hoping to post every workout I did this week, I’ll try to catch up now, if not at least post 2-3 and then finish posting the rest tomorrow. 

I’ve been on top of my workouts all week and I was feeling really good up until today. I had the chance to go today but when I went to go get dressed to go I couldn’t find anything to wear. Typical woman problem, right? But, no, really. All the pants I had left were size small (I’m a medium now and I am ok with it.) all of the sports bras that fit my nursing boobies were already dirty and sweaty, and all of my tops were either too short or too tight and showed off too much belly. (The skin on my stomach still hasn’t snapped back 100% and I’m just not comfortable with it.) I asked Mando if it was ok if I went to Marshall’s instead of the gym to get a few new things and he said it was fine…$100 later…lol (and before you get judgey, YES, I asked my husband for permission. NO, not because he’s the bread winner, but because we COMMUNICATE and he would’ve done the same exact thing had he went off to the store with the intent to shop for himself. So 🙋🏼) so to end that little adventure from today, I’m super excited to go to the gym tomorrow and get my workout in.

I also took Nathan to a little workshop at Home Depot this morning. We met up with Mando’s sisters and his cousin Nova. This was the project.

I built it, (it required nails and a hammer) and he painted. He got another pin to put on his little Home Depot apron and was so happy. (He made a bunny basket last month with Mando.)

Ok, so now to catch up on the workouts from this week. Here’s Tuesday’s workout.

It’s a circuit, I did 12 reps of each workout, 3 rounds. Here’s the ab workout from that day as well: (Note: I found this ab workout online years ago, it was called “The fABtastic workout” so that’s what I’m sticking with.)

The fABtastic workout:

-1 minute plank

-15 bicycle crunches 

-30 second side plank(right side)

-15 bicycle crunches

-30 second side plank (left side) 

-15 reverse crunches

-15 hip ups

-1 minute v sit

After this is did the stairs and the sauna.

For Wednesday’s workout workout look at my post from 4.19, the workout that I used for my cardio days was called “The Spartacus workout” (again…not my name.) and it’s what I’m using for my Wednesday workouts plus the ab workout from my post on 5.1. 

Thursday’s workout:

I do 12 reps 2 sets of each workout. Followed by the fABtastic workout and a 20 minute walk on incline on the treadmill.

Since Friday’s workout was short and sweet(but man did I feel it) here it is:

Like I said, it was quick, but good. I did change it a little though, at the end where it calls to start the cool down at the 16 minute mark, I did another 1 minute sprint, and then ran it out for the last 3 minutes. I also changed the speeds a bit, I ran at 4.0 for the warm up, and then for the jogs I ran at 4.5. I kept the sprint at 6.0 cause…that’s just fast enough already. I’ve got little legs…I can’t move any faster than that.

K so lookout for my post tomorrow for the workout I was supposed to do today. It should be a good one. 💪🏻👌🏼

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