Things to expect post push.

So I’ve felt the need to share this for a while now, but as the months went by I kinda let it go. Now that my milk is starting to dry up, hormone changes are popping up again, so here it is, the lovely list of things to expect post push. 


*this is just a list of things that I have personally experienced due to hormone changes. Some things happen to some and some don’t, and others experience a whole list of other things. But I felt the need to write this because a lot of the times, talking to friends who don’t have any children yet, they’re completely shocked by the things that can go on with your body when hormones get all crazy after childbirth.*

1. Hair loss

Everyone has heard about the beautiful head of flowing hair you get during pregnancy. But what is not as widely known, is that once baby is out, your hair may follow. As far as I know, there’s not much you can do to help or stop this, any thing I was recommended to take I couldn’t because I was breastfeeding.

2. Change in body odor.

You’re pretty familiar with your own scent, am I right? Armpits, lady parts, feet, the smell of your scalp? You may start to notice whenever you work up a sweat that your deodorant doesn’t seem to be working as well, and that the scent you once knew and had under control is different. Try switching deodorant scents, brands, or kick it up to clinical strength. Another trick I learned is that if you know you’re going to be working up a sweat, (gym, run, moving, or maybe it’s just a hot day) put on your favorite scented lotion before breaking a sweat. That way when you sweat, you’ll smell like pretty lotion and not stanky stink. 👍🏻

3. Sweating.

I don’t mean a little perspiration on a warm day. I mean full on sweats. While you sleep. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up drenched. Face dripping, hair wet, pajamas soaked and my pillow and blanket as well. I asked my doctor about this one cause it honestly scared me a bit, she said it’s your body working out all that extra water you drank during pregnancy. Fun. The only tip I have here is to keep a towel and pair of jammies close by for a 2am pat down and wardrobe change. 

4. Your period will change. 

When it comes back, it might not be the cycle you once knew. With Nathan I didn’t get my period until I was 7 months PP but with Jake it came back after 2 months. My period after Nathan pretty much went back to normal, it took a while for my period to get back on a schedule though. For a while it could be a week earlier or a week later then it was the month before. After Jacob it took no time at all for my period to become regular again, only off by a day or so. This time around my period itself is completely different. Before, it would start out light, pick up for a day or 2, and end pretty light, lasting a full week in total. Now, it’s a full week of heavy flow from start to finish. Which really blows, ya know? 

5. Back pain.

My back pain started around 5 months both times around. Now that I’m almost 9 months post partum it’s really let up. But with Nathan I made the mistake of pushing myself too much despite the pain. This time around I knew as soon as I felt the pain, (lower back more towards the center) that I needed to be careful. Don’t push yourself more than you need to. Your muscles and tendons are still a little loose and wiggly from the baby you grew pushing everything out of the way. 

6. Changes in your belly and boobs.

This one is a no brainer; you just grew and delivered a baby. But I understand the frustration that comes along with this. Looking in the mirror post baby can be a shock, it’s not the body you once knew. Will these stretch marks fade? Will my tummy go down? What the heck are my boobs gonna look like when this is all over?! Trust me; I get it. Here’s the tips I have; for your stretch marks, try neosporin. Weird, but it worked for me. I still have a few and I doubt they’ll go away, but hey, 2 babies and a few stretch marks? I can’t complain. As for your belly, all I can really say is PATIENCE. They say it takes as long as it did for you to grow the baby, for your body to go back to normal. Or the new normal. Whatever. Be patient. This stretched out poofy belly you see will eventually make its way back down to the belly you once knew. The elasticity in your skin will return, and you’ll start to feel comfortable in a bathing suit again. I promise. As for your boobies, well, as for MY boobies; this is the place I got a pretttty good amount of stretch marks. Before Nathan, I was not blessed in the boobie section. After breastfeeding, I still wasn’t blessed with the boobies. But the stretch marks and bigger nipples stayed. (Weird, big nipples, I know. But they do serve a purpose. Through pregnancy you may notice your nipples getting bigger and this is to breastfeed. If you don’t breast feed, cool, your choice. But if you do, the larger nipples are for babies foggy eye sight when they’re newborns.) Overall, be patient with yourself. Give yourself some self love, you’re still beautiful and your body will recover. 

7. Changes in appetite.

Personally, I could eat allll day if there was no consequences. My appetite through pregnancy and breastfeeding was through the roof. With the exception of my pregnancy with Jacob in the first trimester, I wasn’t hungry, felt sick all the time, and couldn’t hold much down. Once the second trimester started it was onnnnn. And it’s stayed on. 🙈😭

8. Changes in mood. 

AKA the baby blues, post partum depression, or post partum psychosis. The baby blues and post partum depression share a lot of things in common so it can be hard to tell which is which. Post partum psychosis is a completely different ball park. If you have just had a baby and have been feeling a little down, here’s a really great article I found that explained all of the differences.

Note: if you have read this and you feel like you fall under the category of post partum psychosis; please know this is not your fault. Do not hesitate to reach out for help, do not feel guilty or unworthy and most of all do not be embarrassed. Help is all around you and you are worth it. 


So we can add teething to our list of exciting things happening. 

One tooth has cut through the gums, the other one is almost through, and I’m not sure if it’s gonna cut now, but I can see the white of a 3rd tooth still under the gums. 

Yesterday the poor guy had a fever alllll day, and today his gums have been so sore he refused to take bottles(or any other food,)for most of the day. Currently, I’m feeding him milk through a Tylenol syringe. Fun times. 

I’m really hoping tomorrow’s a better day. Mando works pretty far tomorrow so I know it’s gonna be a long day alone with the boys. Prayers are welcome. 



So it’s been a while. Almost a month. And what a month it’s been.

Mando’s busy season at work has started which has left me feeling super stressed. We had Mando’s youngest sisters bday party at our pool, then Nathan caught a cold, then of course Jake caught it, then I almost chopped my big toe off(kinda exaggerating kinda not), then my milk dropped super low, and I stressed and now I have freakin shingles. So. It’s been fun.

But on the plus side, everyone’s still alive. Jk. But seriously. 

Nathan is now a tiny tiger (he started karate.) Jake is 8 months old, he’s so close to crawling but also very stubborn so he’s making sure to drag it out, he’s cutting another tooth(a fang, which is really weird.) and we’re getting ready to have our nieces birthday party(another pool party.) 

So it’s been busy. I’ve done a few diys that I need to post. I’ll do some more catching up tomorrow, I just wanted to get a post up and get things rolling again.