So it’s been a while. Almost a month. And what a month it’s been.

Mando’s busy season at work has started which has left me feeling super stressed. We had Mando’s youngest sisters bday party at our pool, then Nathan caught a cold, then of course Jake caught it, then I almost chopped my big toe off(kinda exaggerating kinda not), then my milk dropped super low, and I stressed and now I have freakin shingles. So. It’s been fun.

But on the plus side, everyone’s still alive. Jk. But seriously. 

Nathan is now a tiny tiger (he started karate.) Jake is 8 months old, he’s so close to crawling but also very stubborn so he’s making sure to drag it out, he’s cutting another tooth(a fang, which is really weird.) and we’re getting ready to have our nieces birthday party(another pool party.) 

So it’s been busy. I’ve done a few diys that I need to post. I’ll do some more catching up tomorrow, I just wanted to get a post up and get things rolling again.


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