Hey! I’m actually updating in a timely manner! Go me! 😂

This weekend was pretty relaxing, nothing too crazy. We ended up going swimming Saturday and Mando got to join us. I didn’t get to spend too much time at the pool cause the water was a little chilly and Jake was not having it. We watched the fights with family and ate way too much yummy food. Sunday we were just lazy, I don’t think we changed out of pajamas until we went to my parents house around 5. (Nathan was mad that I made him change into normal clothes, he said he wanted to go in his underwear and pajama shirt 😝) 

I’m really annoyed with myself because I finally started cutting some of the Mickey heads out, but I ended up leaving allllll of my stuff at my parents house. I was actually feeling super motivated and wanted to get more done today but…there goes that! The boys are both napping, I’m kinda hoping to go to hobby lobby once they wake up so I can price some things for the party. And maybe buy a few things. 😬 Jake will be 10 months old on the 6th so I gotta get my shit together and really get on this! 

Look out for an update on Hobby Lobby, I’m gonna try not to go all out. Prayers are welcome 😜


This week has been fun.

Besides Nathan having an attitude 🙄😒 but what’s new these days. 

Nathan got his first full stripe at karate and great news at the dentist; no cavities! 🙏🏻

I didn’t do any laundry whatsoever but the house is clean so.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to take the boys swimming, maybe go to the park first thing in the morning and get in a good walk, and then we’ll be spending some time at my families house to watch the UFC fights. 

As for Sunday, it should be a super fun day too but more on that later.

I wish I had pictures of alllll the progress I’ve made on birthday decorations but I haven’t worked on them at all 😭 maybe I’ll get some cut out tomorrow, but I’m not counting on it…I really wanna get a good tan at the pool lol #priorities amiright 🙋🏼

Anyway, hopefully I’ll update Sunday or Monday with what I was and wasn’t able to do this weekend. ✌🏼


I got to go to Michael’s today! 🙋🏼

Mando didn’t work until tonight, so I was really hoping he’d be able to go with us so I could have a little help with the boys while I tried to get prices for all of the supplies I need to start making decorations for Jake’s party,  but he needed more sleep. (He worked a day shift yesterday then they scheduled him for a night today 🙄) But the trip went surprisingly well, I was able to get prices for everything I need and there were no major meltdowns. It went so well I contemplated going across the street to hobby lobby to check prices too. (Yes, there’s a Michael’s AND a hobby lobby across the street from each other right down the street from me. Yes, this is a problem.) I didn’t plan to buy anything but I needed a few more sheets of black paper for a banner (the paper I bought didn’t match the paper I already had, they’re totally different shades of black, I’m super annoyed 🙄😒) and they had a few decorations that I needed on clearance, so, I just couldn’t pass that up. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m hoping to cut a few of the things I have traced tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get to post that. Here’s the board I have on Pinterest for Jacob’s party, this is where I got all of my ideas. 



I gotta get better at posting. This twice a month stuff just isn’t cutting it.

It’s been a fun month so far. I guess I can catch up by posting all the pictures I’ve taken 😝 

We had a super fun 4th with family.

Jake turned 9 months old.

Free slurpees. 

Karate classes.

Park trips.

That, + the usual cooking, cleaning, and organizing. Ive been Pinteresting A LOT. So that’s led to this:

The sign on the ledge (above) is super special to me because we had it in front of our sweetheart table at our wedding. I love that we can work it into our home where we can see it every day. (I’m sappy like that, who cares.) 

The middle and the bottom are going above the couch in the living room, I just have to go back to IKEA and get another picture ledge…or 2. And a few other things 😬

And of course lots of Pinteresting for a certain first birthday coming up. 

I’ll be sure to start posting more regularly so I can post what I’m making for Jake’s party. So far I only have a few garlands and banners outlined but I’m kinda in love already. 

Look out for more posts! 


Yay! July is here!

I think the only thing I look forward to in July is the 4th but still…yay! 

We don’t do anything huge, just BBQ with family and watch fire works. But we always have a great time, and food 😍 I’m still not sure if we’re going to watch fire works this year cause we have Jake,  plus Nathan hates them. We’ll see.

Yesterday we had our nieces 2nd birthday at our pool. It was such a cute little kitty themed party. 

It’s been a week now since I’ve stopped pumping. Thank the Lord, it wasn’t a struggle. I was tempted to pump a few times because my boobies got uncomfortably engorged, minor leaking, but I made it, I think I’m past the toughest part. So excited to have a little bit of freedom back and now I can start to feel more like myself. Not just a cow.