I got to go to Michael’s today! 🙋🏼

Mando didn’t work until tonight, so I was really hoping he’d be able to go with us so I could have a little help with the boys while I tried to get prices for all of the supplies I need to start making decorations for Jake’s party,  but he needed more sleep. (He worked a day shift yesterday then they scheduled him for a night today 🙄) But the trip went surprisingly well, I was able to get prices for everything I need and there were no major meltdowns. It went so well I contemplated going across the street to hobby lobby to check prices too. (Yes, there’s a Michael’s AND a hobby lobby across the street from each other right down the street from me. Yes, this is a problem.) I didn’t plan to buy anything but I needed a few more sheets of black paper for a banner (the paper I bought didn’t match the paper I already had, they’re totally different shades of black, I’m super annoyed 🙄😒) and they had a few decorations that I needed on clearance, so, I just couldn’t pass that up. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m hoping to cut a few of the things I have traced tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get to post that. Here’s the board I have on Pinterest for Jacob’s party, this is where I got all of my ideas. 


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