This week has been fun.

Besides Nathan having an attitude 🙄😒 but what’s new these days. 

Nathan got his first full stripe at karate and great news at the dentist; no cavities! 🙏🏻

I didn’t do any laundry whatsoever but the house is clean so.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to take the boys swimming, maybe go to the park first thing in the morning and get in a good walk, and then we’ll be spending some time at my families house to watch the UFC fights. 

As for Sunday, it should be a super fun day too but more on that later.

I wish I had pictures of alllll the progress I’ve made on birthday decorations but I haven’t worked on them at all 😭 maybe I’ll get some cut out tomorrow, but I’m not counting on it…I really wanna get a good tan at the pool lol #priorities amiright 🙋🏼

Anyway, hopefully I’ll update Sunday or Monday with what I was and wasn’t able to do this weekend. ✌🏼

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