The first day of August brought a nice little storm for us. Just some light rain and a little thunder and lightning, but it was so nice. If only it wasn’t 90 degrees outside. 

I’m a little nervous right now because a boy that goes to the gym kids club came down with chicken pox. They let all the parents know on Saturday, and he was in kids club on Monday. But I don’t know if he was in there in the morning when I have the boys in there, so I don’t know if they actually ever came in contact with him. But I’ve been so paranoid. Jake is being a little funky this afternoon, and I’m so afraid that he’s going to come down with a fever and then break out with the chicken pox. (Nathan is fully vaccinated, but Jacob is too young to have received any vaccinations for it yet. Also, yes I vaccinate my children. No, I don’t want to hear your opinion on the matter.) He’s also cutting 2 bottom teeth so I’m hoping this is the reason for the grumpiness. I’ve got him down for a nap now so I’m hoping he wakes up in a better mood. And no fever. 🙏🏻

Besides the gym we didn’t do much today. Nathan was supposed to go to karate but I didn’t know how bad the rain would be and I didn’t want to drive with the boys in the rain. So, here we are, lounging in our undies. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive. 

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