“What’s done is done. What’s gone is gone. One of life’s lessons is always moving on. It’s ok to look back to see how far you’ve come, but keep moving forward.”

– Roy Bennet
Can I just say that it’s a really great feeling to come to the realization that you’re over a situation. That you’re no longer dwelling on what happened or what was lost. That you no longer have ill feelings for a person, just hope that one day they can forget you too. 

I do find myself keeping happy memories. Because there was plenty of them. I’m sad that there was a friendship lost for my son, that there’s a beautiful little life growing everyday that I don’t get to have a part in anymore. But I know she’s ok and she’s going to grow to be an amazing person. 

As many happy memories that I have, for a while they were hard to see. The end was full of so much ugliness. So much time was spent bad mouthing and trying to paint me in a bad light. Trying to really push the picture of me “walking away.” For a while I saw it as me being pushed away, but now I can see the truth for what it is and that I ran. There was so much negativity. Competition. Tit for tat. Drama. So many things I don’t need in my life, and when it was presented time after time, I ran.  And although I did for a while, now don’t regret it.

It hurt for a while. A long while. I felt heart broken. Like a piece of me was gone. I tried to repair what I had done, to regain what was lost. But when a person shows a different side, a completely different side, someone you didn’t know. It was what I needed.

I haven’t made any new friends. But I’ve been lucky enough to come back to friendships I once knew and I’ve had them grow into more than they’ve ever been. Beautiful women who are so supportive, so caring, who truly and honestly amazing people. There’s no competition. There’s no drama. It’s a great feeling. 

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