Lately I’ve found myself holding back a lot on here. Like I said, I’d come on, start a post, and never finish it. The main reason being that I feel like it has too much personal information in it.

I’ve discovered that I can track where the views on my page come from, a large amount coming from my instagram, which I appreciate; family and friends. What I don’t appreciate, is almost daily views from people who are no longer a part of my life. Why you feel the need to check up on me and keep track of what’s going on in my life is beyond me. But I’m not going to let it hold me back anymore. Just let me say, I do see you.

I still don’t want to go into full detail or fully say what I’m starting here, because it’s still in the very beginning stages of it. Paper work, medical history and record checks, background checks, building a profile, once it’s all confirmed and set in stone, contracts signed and ready to go, I’ll go into full detail and say exactly what it is. It may be obvious for some just from that description, and if you’ve figured it out then great 😉 but maybe in another few weeks or month or so I’ll be able to lay it all out. But for the time being, I’m just so excited to finally be starting this journey.

I’m currently at the gym, I’m getting back on track this week after a week and a half off. I’m doing 4 weeks of HIIT exercises and cardio to cut back down to where I want to be. Lord knows I have not been eating right, that paired with zero working out has got me feeling pretty fluffy. Here’s what I’m doing:

This is what I’m using for the crossfit workouts

This is what I’m doing for cardio days plus 6 minutes of alternating side jogs(wtf I don’t know what these are called or what to call them besides this) and then 10 minutes of walking on incline. After that I do some ab workouts.

Wether I make it the 4 weeks is still unknown 😜

Look out for updates!

One thought on “11.29.17

  1. Rainn says:

    Don’t let the haters get the best of you dani!! It’s obivious that they’re still interested in you and your life! Take it as a huge compliment that you’ve made some kind of impact in they’re simple life. Be YOU! That’s what makes them and everyone keep coming back to YOUR blog. I totally get it’s hard to lose people from your life ( us Scorpio’s take it to heart & that’s our biggest default) but learn and grow from those lost relationships. Although you may have small circle of people you trust and love, just know that all of us care and love you WAY more than having a millions friendships! Love you girl!!😘


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