My home has been hit by this years flu and it’s a bitch. Mando and I came down with it first, at the same exact time…fun…and Nathan just came down with it this morning. I really hope it skips Jake. But this lovely flu includes headaches, achy/swollen joints, stomach trouble, a nasty cough, fever, extreme chills, and dizziness. At least that’s what we experienced. Luckily, the worst of it only lasted 24 hours for Mando and I. We still have a really annoying cough but I think we’re both happy we don’t feel as bad as we did.

Mine and Mando’s background checks have come back and we’re all good 😉 so one more thing checked off my little list. I’m just waiting for one more thing to come in the mail next week so I can send it out to my case manager and we’re good to go. Hopefully with within the next week I can announce what it is! ✌🏼

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