Happy new year!

I was really hoping to dive back into the gym and getting back on track with the new year, but I just haven’t felt 100% since having the flu and I don’t wanna push it. On top of that, Nathan’s felt pretty poopy these past few days so no gym for me. It’s ok because I went to my moms house to do some washing and borrowed her weights. It’s nothing much, some ankle weights, 10 pound hand weights and a 40 pound barbell. But it’s better than nothing. We’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow and maybe I’ll do a quick strength training session at home.

So I feel like now is a good time to let the cat outta the bag; (I already did on instagram) MY LITTLE SURPRISE. I’m going to be a surrogate! Medical records have been checked, background checks are clear, my 17 page application in complete, pictures have been submitted, all releases have been signed and my profile is READY. I’m just waiting on my kaiser insurance booklet to come in the mail so I can send it to my case manager, then she can post my profile to be reviewed by different “intended parents.” She said it’s a pretty quick process, because there’s so many intended parents and not as many surrogates, so she said it’s usually a few days to a couple weeks before you can be selected. From there, I can either meet up with them in person, if they’re local, or we can skype. At any time either of us can say no and it’s on to the next one. But if we like each other, and verbally agree then it’s on. Contracts will be signed, I’ll see their doctor to determine what types of medication I’ll be on to prepare myself for the embryo transfer(it’s basically ifv) and then the fun really begins! I’m so so excited to be starting this journey and I’m gonna document as much as I can, so check in for updates!