Easter banner. 

I’m kind of obsessed. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest and HAD to make it.

What you’ll need:

-paper (color and design is completely up to you. Also, how many sheets you need depends on the size of the bunny stencil you’ll be using.)

-bunny stencil or bunny cookie cutter(remember what I noted above. I couldn’t find a bunny stencil or cookie cutter that I liked, so my brother drew this for me. It’s medium sized I’d say, and I only got 3 bunnies per sheet and I had 5 sheets of paper.)

-small hole punch

-medium white felt balls

-zots(or glue. Something to make the felt balls stick to the paper)



-trace the bunnies onto your paper, cut them out and put them in the order you’ll string them on the string to hang.

-punch a little hole in each ear of the bunnies. (2 per bunny)

-glue the dots to the little bunny butts.

-string them on the string and hang!

I’m in love with it. The only thing I’m hoping to change is the blue and yellow. They’re the same design and right next to each other. Im hoping to get another color of the polka dot paper to add another bunny between them. 


Sooo I’m ALMOST finished with the painting. 

I’m gonna take the boys to the park while it dries, when we get back I’ll peel the letter stickers off. I’m so freakin excited.


I went to Michael’s.

I pinned two things that I’ve been dying to do.

Here’s the first: 

Every day leading up to Valentine’s Day we put a new heart on Nathan’s door with a reason why we love him. I almost bought his Valentine’s goodie basket while I was there but I think he was on to me so I had to abandon that mission. He did pick out a Valentine’s Day craft.

I think I pinned this next one while I was still pregnant with Jake, so I think it’s safe to say that I’m so freakin excited to actually be starting on it. I can’t wait to get the boys’ little feet prints on it tomorrow.