This week has been fun.

Besides Nathan having an attitude 🙄😒 but what’s new these days. 

Nathan got his first full stripe at karate and great news at the dentist; no cavities! 🙏🏻

I didn’t do any laundry whatsoever but the house is clean so.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to take the boys swimming, maybe go to the park first thing in the morning and get in a good walk, and then we’ll be spending some time at my families house to watch the UFC fights. 

As for Sunday, it should be a super fun day too but more on that later.

I wish I had pictures of alllll the progress I’ve made on birthday decorations but I haven’t worked on them at all 😭 maybe I’ll get some cut out tomorrow, but I’m not counting on it…I really wanna get a good tan at the pool lol #priorities amiright 🙋🏼

Anyway, hopefully I’ll update Sunday or Monday with what I was and wasn’t able to do this weekend. ✌🏼


So I have to start this post with a story. 

I never really did diy, I’ve just never been too crafty. 

But for Nathan’s 3rd birthday we were on a tight budget and the boy couldn’t choose just 1 theme to save his life. He wanted paw patrol, cars, Thomas, ninja turtles, all in one party. So I thought a planes, trains and cars party would be the perfect mix. But there wasn’t much to buy for that theme. So this is where it all began. I started a Pinterest board and went for it. I made banners, wall decorations, I made traffic signs with a little birthday twist. I fell in love. Then I did my baby shower. I didn’t really have a theme there, I just chose the colors, a light blue-ish grey with grey stripes, and grey owls. I’ve also discovered that I’m really good at failing to take pictures of all my decorations hung and put up during the parties. But. Oh well. 

This is what I have for the birthday party and shower. Bad. I know. It was all so cute and deserved better pictures 😭

The soaps and lotions were the game prizes and the popcorn bags were the favors.

These are the only pictures I got of the birthday party. 

I’m planning on doing Nathan’s 4th birthday party diy as well. I’d start now if I could, but I haven’t gotten the red light from the hubbs yet. 😐 

I’m also super excited cause I did my first somewhat diy Christmas gift. I kinda love it. Special shoutout to Pinterest. You the real VIP. 😘