Lately I’ve found myself holding back a lot on here. Like I said, I’d come on, start a post, and never finish it. The main reason being that I feel like it has too much personal information in it.

I’ve discovered that I can track where the views on my page come from, a large amount coming from my instagram, which I appreciate; family and friends. What I don’t appreciate, is almost daily views from people who are no longer a part of my life. Why you feel the need to check up on me and keep track of what’s going on in my life is beyond me. But I’m not going to let it hold me back anymore. Just let me say, I do see you.

I still don’t want to go into full detail or fully say what I’m starting here, because it’s still in the very beginning stages of it. Paper work, medical history and record checks, background checks, building a profile, once it’s all confirmed and set in stone, contracts signed and ready to go, I’ll go into full detail and say exactly what it is. It may be obvious for some just from that description, and if you’ve figured it out then great πŸ˜‰ but maybe in another few weeks or month or so I’ll be able to lay it all out. But for the time being, I’m just so excited to finally be starting this journey.

I’m currently at the gym, I’m getting back on track this week after a week and a half off. I’m doing 4 weeks of HIIT exercises and cardio to cut back down to where I want to be. Lord knows I have not been eating right, that paired with zero working out has got me feeling pretty fluffy. Here’s what I’m doing:

This is what I’m using for the crossfit workouts

This is what I’m doing for cardio days plus 6 minutes of alternating side jogs(wtf I don’t know what these are called or what to call them besides this) and then 10 minutes of walking on incline. After that I do some ab workouts.

Wether I make it the 4 weeks is still unknown 😜

Look out for updates!


Okayyyyy so I’m really sucking at posting these days. I was hoping to post every workout I did this week, I’ll try to catch up now, if not at least post 2-3 and then finish posting the rest tomorrow. 

I’ve been on top of my workouts all week and I was feeling really good up until today. I had the chance to go today but when I went to go get dressed to go I couldn’t find anything to wear. Typical woman problem, right? But, no, really. All the pants I had left were size small (I’m a medium now and I am ok with it.) all of the sports bras that fit my nursing boobies were already dirty and sweaty, and all of my tops were either too short or too tight and showed off too much belly. (The skin on my stomach still hasn’t snapped back 100% and I’m just not comfortable with it.) I asked Mando if it was ok if I went to Marshall’s instead of the gym to get a few new things and he said it was fine…$100 later…lol (and before you get judgey, YES, I asked my husband for permission. NO, not because he’s the bread winner, but because we COMMUNICATE and he would’ve done the same exact thing had he went off to the store with the intent to shop for himself. So πŸ™‹πŸΌ) so to end that little adventure from today, I’m super excited to go to the gym tomorrow and get my workout in.

I also took Nathan to a little workshop at Home Depot this morning. We met up with Mando’s sisters and his cousin Nova. This was the project.

I built it, (it required nails and a hammer) and he painted. He got another pin to put on his little Home Depot apron and was so happy. (He made a bunny basket last month with Mando.)

Ok, so now to catch up on the workouts from this week. Here’s Tuesday’s workout.

It’s a circuit, I did 12 reps of each workout, 3 rounds. Here’s the ab workout from that day as well: (Note: I found this ab workout online years ago, it was called “The fABtastic workout” so that’s what I’m sticking with.)

The fABtastic workout:

-1 minute plank

-15 bicycle crunches 

-30 second side plank(right side)

-15 bicycle crunches

-30 second side plank (left side) 

-15 reverse crunches

-15 hip ups

-1 minute v sit

After this is did the stairs and the sauna.

For Wednesday’s workout workout look at my post from 4.19, the workout that I used for my cardio days was called “The Spartacus workout” (again…not my name.) and it’s what I’m using for my Wednesday workouts plus the ab workout from my post on 5.1. 

Thursday’s workout:

I do 12 reps 2 sets of each workout. Followed by the fABtastic workout and a 20 minute walk on incline on the treadmill.

Since Friday’s workout was short and sweet(but man did I feel it) here it is:

Like I said, it was quick, but good. I did change it a little though, at the end where it calls to start the cool down at the 16 minute mark, I did another 1 minute sprint, and then ran it out for the last 3 minutes. I also changed the speeds a bit, I ran at 4.0 for the warm up, and then for the jogs I ran at 4.5. I kept the sprint at 6.0 cause…that’s just fast enough already. I’ve got little legs…I can’t move any faster than that.

K so lookout for my post tomorrow for the workout I was supposed to do today. It should be a good one. πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


It’s Mayyyyyy! So many fun things happening this month. Nothing too crazy like last month, just a few little gatherings. πŸ€—

K so I fell off pretttty hard last week. I got so caught up in all of Nathan’s birthday celebrations and goodies, we went to baby a baby shower/wedding on Saturday and another baby shower on Sunday, and on top of all that I only went to the gym twice. I swear, I gained 5 pounds last week. Not possible, you say? You didn’t see how I ate. Cookies, cake, donuts, cupcakes, PIZZA, ranch, CHOCOLATEEEEEE. It was bad.

But, I’ve started May off on a positive note. I was going to extend the 6 week workout 2 more weeks but I decided to end it at week 6(last week being week 6) and doing 2 weeks of just cardio/high intensity workouts. I’ve got it mapped out already.

Here’s today’s workout:

Run 400m(quarter of a mile)

15 squats

10 push-ups

20 kettle bell swings

*4 rounds

The goal with this is to keep the breaks to a minimum. Go straight from running into the workout, and right back to running. The treadmill at the gym only lets you pause the run for 2 minutes before it reset so I take that as a challenge. I can knock out the squats, push-ups and kb swings in a minute and 40 seconds, so I give myself 15 seconds to catch my breath, grab a sip of water and get my headphones back in. 

Abs: 20 crunches

20 oblique crunches (right)

20 oblique crunches (left)

20 reverse crunches

20 bicycle crunches

20 second plank

After all this I did 10 minutes in the sauna. I also did really good with my eating today, so I’m feeling good. I’ll update tomorrow with the workout I did. ✌🏼 


Ok I’m terrible. I’ve come on here and started to write stuff up but then I usually fall asleep lol

The days are flying by and we’re just days away from Nathan’s birthday party. It’s like every year I forget how stressful throwing parties can be. And to think I have to do this all over again in 6 months for Jake’s first birthday πŸ™ˆ

Workouts have been going really well. I started doing a circuit on my cardio days. I do the circuit first, then my 20 minutes of cardio and then the sauna. 


So far I can only do 1 round of it. I’m on week 5 of my other workout routine (it’s 6 weeks) so I think I’m gonna extend that 2 more weeks and aim to do 2 rounds of this circuit for the cardio days of those extra 2 weeks.

I’m a little embarrassed posting this but I’m definitely proud of my progress.

My first day of the hard body workout (check my workout tab to find it) was 3/20, so the first picture isn’t exactly the best “before picture” seeing as it was almost a whole month before I started, but it’s the only picture I had to compare. 

As of today I’ve cut out dairy (yes, again.) I’m pretty proud of myself because I made Nathan Mac and Cheese for dinner and didn’t eat any so it’s a step in the right direction.

I’m gonna try to post again tomorrow, if I’m not too busy. πŸ™„


It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. We haven’t been too busy doing any one thing in particular, I just get caught up in the day and forget to post. Mando didn’t work all week til today, (he still ubered at night) but it was nice to get some extra time with him. 

The weather has gotten cooler for us thank the heavens. For one, I’m really REALLY starting to dislike the heat. It just makes me feel so gross. And last week when it was warm I really realized that I’m not comfortable enough to get into a bathing suit yet. 

I’m fully aware that it hasn’t even been 6 months since I gave birth. My stretched belly skin and stretch marks are the least of my worries. I haven’t been as committed to working out or eating well as I should be. I found these in my phone and it really motivated me. 

The left was August 2012, I was (unknowingly) 5 weeks pregnant with Nathan. I was 115 pounds and looking back now, a little too skinny. The right is 16 months postpartum (after Nathan). Neither of these pictures are what I’m trying to get back to, they’re just examples of what I can accomplish when I’m actually dedicated. 

I started a new workout routine on Sunday and I’ve stuck to eating better since Sunday as I well, so I’m really excited and proud of myself. 

This newest routine is gonna be 6 weeks, and I’m really hoping to lose fat and build a little more muscle.

Monday dojo cardio

Tuesday gym weight workout A

Wednesday dojo cardio

Thursday gym weight workout B

Friday dojo cardio

Saturday gym weight workout C

Workout scheduleΒ 

Monday: dojo workout

Tuesday: gym-lift

Wednesday: dojo workout

Thursday: gym-lift

Friday: dojo workout

Saturday: gym-lift

Sunday: rest

This will be what I follow for my dojo workouts. 

I found this on Pinterest after I had Nathan. The workouts are fast, a little tough, but they definitely get your blood pumping and a sweat workin. 

As of today I’m on day 2. I did both at the gym. I was just going to do the full 30 days of this, it wasn’t until today that I decided to go every other day and make them my dojo workout. 

For the dojo workout I’m planning to take my gloves with me and incorporate bag work along with some of the workouts.

Hopefully the days I go to the gym I’ll remember to post which lifts I did that day. Maybe I’ll even record some videos from the dojo workouts. 😁


So I don’t know wtf it is about me having the tiniest little amount of dairy that just sends me off the deep end. I was doing so good controlling my cravings and talking myself out of wanting to have these things but once I had the smallest amount I can’t stop. 

So in workout news for me, I’ve decided I have to take a step back from Muay Thai. We just don’t have the money for it right now and I wasn’t getting to class as much as I would’ve liked to, especially for the $$ we were putting into it. I will however, continue working out at the dojo in their gym and on the mats to use the bags, I just won’t be doing the classes.

Also, before yesterday I hadn’t been to the gym since Saturday. Which is annoying because that means I hadn’t gotten my time to myself. I was really feeling it too. I just felt so on edge at all times, I was snapping hard at things that weren’t all that serious. 

So now it’s really time for me to step up and get together a serious workout routine for myself with these changes coming up. I’m gonna have to make the time for myself, and make sure I get my workout time in. 

I’ll update tomorrow(later today, it’s 2:45am right now) on the routine I’ve got working in my head. 


So I have a workout tab on here for all workout related posts. So far it has 2 about Muay Thai, but they’re not really as in depth and descriptive as I imagined my “workout”‘postings being. 

I’ll be very honest and say that I haven’t been on my game much. I haven’t been too motivated not only with my workouts, but with my eating as well. But with the beginning of February I made a promise to myself to step it up. Make no excuses about workouts and get my shit together with my diet.

For the past year and half I’ve been a vegetarian. Before that I was a vegan for 4-5 years and a vegetarian for about 9 months before that. I’ve never liked meat or eggs really, so there’s no problem there. But dairy…it just calls to me. And it’s a call I can’t seem to ignore. It’s a true addiction guys. Anyway, besides me being a gassy pimply mess it was giving poor Jake really bad gas. So for me, it had to go. 

Now as far as my workouts go, it’s kinda hard to get myself to the gym these days. When Mando works I haven’t been working out. And it’s really frustrating. Until Jake is 6 months old I can’t enroll him in kids club at the gym, and obviously I can’t go to practice at the dojo without someone to watch the boys. I have parents, I have a brother, cousins , Mando’s sisters, they’re all willing to spend time with the boys and watch them for me. But then I feel guilty. I feel like I’m becoming a burden. They have they’re own lives to live. This is just me. It’s my own thing to get over and I’m really trying. 

This week coming up, when Mando works I’m going to try to take them to the dojo so I can have them on the mat with me while I workout. I’m gonna give it a couple shots to see how it works out. I’ve also started a different workout schedule but I’m still workin a few kinks out, I’ll post it once I get it all worked out. Get it…worked out…work outs. Nvm. 

So far I’m 4 for 4 with my eating and exercising for February and I feel good.

More workout posts to come. πŸ˜‰

About last night…

Last night was Thursday night. And Thursday’s at the dojo means sparring. I haven’t sparred since last year, and I mean that literally. I’m not doing that New Years joke…I literally haven’t sparred since last February when I realized my period was late. 

I was nervous about sparring, I always  am because you never know what kinda mood some people in class will be in so you don’t know if you’re walking into a friendly match or a UFC fight. But last night I was mostly nervous because of how long it had been, and I haven’t been doing much cardio. 

So I get to class late, get started with everyone on the warmup and then stretch, and then the Senseis tell the black belts to line up on one side of the mats and the lower rankers to line up across from us. Now let me just say it was a big ass class last night. 

This was everyone. There were 10 black belts, we had a non stop sparring session against every single lower ranker in the class. All 18 of them. 

But even when I wanted to quit I didn’t. And I’m so freakin proud of myself. It felt so good that everything just came back to me. I’m noticing now more and more with 2 kids how easy it is to get caught up in being a mom that you forget about yourself. I’m not saying that to make myself seem like the greatest mom alive. Because I’ll be the first to call bullshit on that. Its 4:30 and my 3 year old is still in his pajamas, laundry is backed up, I have a sink full of dishes, I forgot to text my grandma back, sometimes I go a few days longer than I should giving the boys a bath because I just don’t want conflict…this is me. And I’ll never deny it. But being a mom takes a lot of time, wether you’re working or staying home. It’s a full time job either way. And if you’re a mom you know what I mean. So when you get back to something that you had to step away from for so long, and you come back and it’s like you never left, it’s an amazing feeling. 

As hard as last nights class was I’m so happy I went. Even if I did get socked in the boob a couple times. 


Last night was fun. I made my long awaited return to Krav Maga/Muay Thai. I’ve been doing it for about 5 or 6 years now, I’m a black/blue belt. I SHOULD be testing for my 2nd degree December 2018. I say should because I SHOULD already be a 2nd degree but ya know…babies kinda slow ya down. 

With Nathan I was able to stay in class until I was 4 months pregnant and with Jake I stayed until 5 months. With Nathan I really wanted to stay longer but they asked me step out for mine and Nathan’s safety. Understandable. With Jake they agreed to let me stay as long as I’d like, under the condition that I couldn’t work with anyone else. Also understandable. But my back and my hips hurt So. Damn. Bad. With Jake so I had to step out earlier than I thought.

Last night was so great though. I feel like it all came back so easily. I was really nervous because when I went back after having Nathan I felt completely different. I felt like I forgot everything, I sucked, the love just wasn’t there any more. I made myself stay until I got my black belt, but by then I was hooked again.

I’m so freakin glad to be back though and I can’t wait to go to class again. I would go again tonight but I’m forcing myself to ease into it so I don’t overdo it and hurt myself.