So we can add teething to our list of exciting things happening. 

One tooth has cut through the gums, the other one is almost through, and I’m not sure if it’s gonna cut now, but I can see the white of a 3rd tooth still under the gums. 

Yesterday the poor guy had a fever alllll day, and today his gums have been so sore he refused to take bottles(or any other food,)for most of the day. Currently, I’m feeding him milk through a Tylenol syringe. Fun times. 

I’m really hoping tomorrow’s a better day. Mando works pretty far tomorrow so I know it’s gonna be a long day alone with the boys. Prayers are welcome. 



So it’s been a while. Almost a month. And what a month it’s been.

Mando’s busy season at work has started which has left me feeling super stressed. We had Mando’s youngest sisters bday party at our pool, then Nathan caught a cold, then of course Jake caught it, then I almost chopped my big toe off(kinda exaggerating kinda not), then my milk dropped super low, and I stressed and now I have freakin shingles. So. It’s been fun.

But on the plus side, everyone’s still alive. Jk. But seriously. 

Nathan is now a tiny tiger (he started karate.) Jake is 8 months old, he’s so close to crawling but also very stubborn so he’s making sure to drag it out, he’s cutting another tooth(a fang, which is really weird.) and we’re getting ready to have our nieces birthday party(another pool party.) 

So it’s been busy. I’ve done a few diys that I need to post. I’ll do some more catching up tomorrow, I just wanted to get a post up and get things rolling again.


Mother’s Day.

I get it. Let me just say that first. I get the concept; a day to show your appreciation for the mothers in your life.

Do I believe that every day you should show your appreciation? Yes. But I also understand how easy it is to get lost in the days and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. So having a designated day once a year to show your appreciation seems logical to me. But I’m ready to skip it. 

Yep. You read it right. Cancel it for me. Count me out. Some how every year Mother’s Day ends up being a big let down for me.

So now that I’ve said that; let me say this: 


I don’t. I don’t expect to sleep in. Get breakfast in bed. A fresh bouquet of flowers, an edible arrangement, new jewelry, a closet full of clothes and a day of pampering.

In fact Mando has asked a handful of times what I want and I’ve always answered, “I don’t know.” Because saying “this is what I want.” Is usually a let down because A) I just don’t end up getting it. And B) because I don’t feel like that’s very thoughtful. I feel like Mother’s Day gifts should be special and thoughtful and to give a list of things I want on this “special” day just doesn’t seem right.

I don’t want any material items. Mainly I want a day with my family. Maybe a nap. But that’s shooting a little high. I want to take my kids to the park with my husband and spend time as a family. That’s it. That’s what I want. 

But in the grand tradition of mothers days for me, the weekend has started off with Mando being a jerk and Nathan being a brat. And it’s just old. Old and tiring. And I’m over it.

So cancel Mother’s Day for me. I’m crossing it off my calendar and instead just aiming for the usual “okayish sunday.” 


Okayyyyy so I’m really sucking at posting these days. I was hoping to post every workout I did this week, I’ll try to catch up now, if not at least post 2-3 and then finish posting the rest tomorrow. 

I’ve been on top of my workouts all week and I was feeling really good up until today. I had the chance to go today but when I went to go get dressed to go I couldn’t find anything to wear. Typical woman problem, right? But, no, really. All the pants I had left were size small (I’m a medium now and I am ok with it.) all of the sports bras that fit my nursing boobies were already dirty and sweaty, and all of my tops were either too short or too tight and showed off too much belly. (The skin on my stomach still hasn’t snapped back 100% and I’m just not comfortable with it.) I asked Mando if it was ok if I went to Marshall’s instead of the gym to get a few new things and he said it was fine…$100 later…lol (and before you get judgey, YES, I asked my husband for permission. NO, not because he’s the bread winner, but because we COMMUNICATE and he would’ve done the same exact thing had he went off to the store with the intent to shop for himself. So šŸ™‹šŸ¼) so to end that little adventure from today, I’m super excited to go to the gym tomorrow and get my workout in.

I also took Nathan to a little workshop at Home Depot this morning. We met up with Mando’s sisters and his cousin Nova. This was the project.

I built it, (it required nails and a hammer) and he painted. He got another pin to put on his little Home Depot apron and was so happy. (He made a bunny basket last month with Mando.)

Ok, so now to catch up on the workouts from this week. Here’s Tuesday’s workout.

It’s a circuit, I did 12 reps of each workout, 3 rounds. Here’s the ab workout from that day as well: (Note: I found this ab workout online years ago, it was called “The fABtastic workout” so that’s what I’m sticking with.)

The fABtastic workout:

-1 minute plank

-15 bicycle crunches 

-30 second side plank(right side)

-15 bicycle crunches

-30 second side plank (left side) 

-15 reverse crunches

-15 hip ups

-1 minute v sit

After this is did the stairs and the sauna.

For Wednesday’s workout workout look at my post from 4.19, the workout that I used for my cardio days was called “The Spartacus workout” (again…not my name.) and it’s what I’m using for my Wednesday workouts plus the ab workout from my post on 5.1. 

Thursday’s workout:

I do 12 reps 2 sets of each workout. Followed by the fABtastic workout and a 20 minute walk on incline on the treadmill.

Since Friday’s workout was short and sweet(but man did I feel it) here it is:

Like I said, it was quick, but good. I did change it a little though, at the end where it calls to start the cool down at the 16 minute mark, I did another 1 minute sprint, and then ran it out for the last 3 minutes. I also changed the speeds a bit, I ran at 4.0 for the warm up, and then for the jogs I ran at 4.5. I kept the sprint at 6.0 cause…that’s just fast enough already. I’ve got little legs…I can’t move any faster than that.

K so lookout for my post tomorrow for the workout I was supposed to do today. It should be a good one. šŸ’ŖšŸ»šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼

This one’s for my mommies out there;

If you have a little one you know the struggle of getting them to eat while they’re teething. Jacob cut his 2 central incisors at the same time. They started to come in right around the 6 month mark, and it’s been a battle to get him to eat food since then. In the past week he’s completely turned down food of any kind which means that he’s been wanting more bottles. Lucky me, my milk has dropped because I’m due to get a visit next week. (If you know what I mean.) 

I tried different foods, feeding him different ways, but nothing has really worked.

I finally came across this online, and thought, what the heck do I have to lose? Turns out it’s perfect. 

I tried it with him for the first time yesterday and he ate more food yesterday than he had in a week. 

I think I’ve worked it down to 2 factors with him. The first being his teeth hurt. So the fact that he can chew on this to relieve some of the pain and he also gets food out is a win win. Second, I don’t think he likes baby food. I fully believe Jacobs trying to keep up with his brother and is going to try to bypass any “baby” phases he can. I’m trying to mix up foods for him, give him more flavor, I tried a teething biscuit with him yesterday and he loved it. So I feel like we’re heading in the right direction here. 

Back to this Boon feeder thingy though, cause it’s amazing. It’s super simple to open up and put the food in. Easy to take apart and clean. I did try to put baby food in it and that was just a mess, bad call on my part. I’ve only tried fruit chunks in it so far, but I’m thinking of throwing in an avocado today and maybe steaming some carrots or squash to put in there. Look out for more posts on this cause I love it and I’ll definitely be updating. 


It’s Mayyyyyy! So many fun things happening this month. Nothing too crazy like last month, just a few little gatherings. šŸ¤—

K so I fell off pretttty hard last week. I got so caught up in all of Nathan’s birthday celebrations and goodies, we went to baby a baby shower/wedding on Saturday and another baby shower on Sunday, and on top of all that I only went to the gym twice. I swear, I gained 5 pounds last week. Not possible, you say? You didn’t see how I ate. Cookies, cake, donuts, cupcakes, PIZZA, ranch, CHOCOLATEEEEEE. It was bad.

But, I’ve started May off on a positive note. I was going to extend the 6 week workout 2 more weeks but I decided to end it at week 6(last week being week 6) and doing 2 weeks of just cardio/high intensity workouts. I’ve got it mapped out already.

Here’s today’s workout:

Run 400m(quarter of a mile)

15 squats

10 push-ups

20 kettle bell swings

*4 rounds

The goal with this is to keep the breaks to a minimum. Go straight from running into the workout, and right back to running. The treadmill at the gym only lets you pause the run for 2 minutes before it reset so I take that as a challenge. I can knock out the squats, push-ups and kb swings in a minute and 40 seconds, so I give myself 15 seconds to catch my breath, grab a sip of water and get my headphones back in. 

Abs: 20 crunches

20 oblique crunches (right)

20 oblique crunches (left)

20 reverse crunches

20 bicycle crunches

20 second plank

After all this I did 10 minutes in the sauna. I also did really good with my eating today, so I’m feeling good. I’ll update tomorrow with the workout I did. āœŒšŸ¼ 


The birthday party madness is over. Finally. As usual, I got zero pictures of everything set up. But we got a lot of compliments and I think everyone had a really good time. Goooo us! 

Now to start on a Mickey Mouse first birthday party…šŸ˜­

I feel like I’m finally starting to get our life back in order after the birthday madness. The house was out of control messy. I haven’t been to the gym since Saturday but I’m more than happy to trade it in for time to clean and organize and I’m happy to say as of today, besides laundry, the house is cleannnnnn. šŸ™‹šŸ¼ 

I’ll update tomorrow but right now I’ve got Jake out and I’m gonna get him in his crib and then it’s time to pick up toys and then bedtime for Nathan. āœŒšŸ¼


Here’s the one photo we did manage to get. 

-The Velasco’sā¤ļø


Ok I’m terrible. I’ve come on here and started to write stuff up but then I usually fall asleep lol

The days are flying by and we’re just days away from Nathan’s birthday party. It’s like every year I forget how stressful throwing parties can be. And to think I have to do this all over again in 6 months for Jake’s first birthday šŸ™ˆ

Workouts have been going really well. I started doing a circuit on my cardio days. I do the circuit first, then my 20 minutes of cardio and then the sauna. 


So far I can only do 1 round of it. I’m on week 5 of my other workout routine (it’s 6 weeks) so I think I’m gonna extend that 2 more weeks and aim to do 2 rounds of this circuit for the cardio days of those extra 2 weeks.

I’m a little embarrassed posting this but I’m definitely proud of my progress.

My first day of the hard body workout (check my workout tab to find it) was 3/20, so the first picture isn’t exactly the best “before picture” seeing as it was almost a whole month before I started, but it’s the only picture I had to compare. 

As of today I’ve cut out dairy (yes, again.) I’m pretty proud of myself because I made Nathan Mac and Cheese for dinner and didn’t eat any so it’s a step in the right direction.

I’m gonna try to post again tomorrow, if I’m not too busy. šŸ™„


Ok so I’ve been lagging on my posts.

Last week was not my best week and I figured out why; sweet sweet aunt flow. You bitch. It’s just…ugh it’s horrible this month. My eating was all over the place (and it’s even spilled into this week…hello dairy.) and I worked out 3 times last week.

This week is much better, besides the occasional dairy splurge. We signed the boys up for kids club at the gym so I’ve been taking them since Saturday. 

I won’t be able to take them today though, Mando brought a sickness into our house and Nathan caught it. I swear, he’s a typical man already. He just cannot hang while he’s sick. I keep trying to explain that I can’t drop everything and stay in bed with him all day(as much as I’d like to.) He seems to be doing a little better so far but I don’t have a lot of hope for bedtime for the next few nights. 

I think I wrote on here that my grandma and grandpa are flying out to visit. They live in Ohio and they’re coming out for Nathan’s birthday and my cousins baby shower. This trip took an unexpected turn before it even started though. When my grandma last came out, I wanna say it was last August, it was a trip that didn’t really have a set date for when she’d fly back home. Her brother had cancer and she came out to help take care of him while he underwent radiation and chemotherapy. She had to leave in October, a couple weeks after Jake was born. It was kind of a scary thing, because he still had some treatments to go and she felt guilty leaving him in a time of need. But things got better and we were all really happy and feeling positive about it. This past Thursday he had a Drs appointment and they found that the cancer had spread to his liver, stage 4 and they’re giving him 2-3 months. It’s a little…I dunno…unreal? We just heard that he was doing better and then to hear that it took such a huge turn. I don’t really get it. Cancer is seriously terrifying. 

My grandparents land tonight, so we won’t see them til tomorrow morning. They’re always on the go though so we’ll see how much I get posted in the time they’re here. I’m going to try to get a ton of pictures cause Nathan LOVES when they visit. 


Today has just been one of those days.

I vacuumed, I did the dishes, the house got picked up before bedtime. But somehow I feel like such a failure.

Nathan hit his head on a door this morning and I swear he’s so lucky it didn’t crack open. He was tripping all over the place, throwing fits, not listening. Just over and over and over.

Jake had his 6 month appointment and we left the house on time, got there 15 minutes early to check in come to find out the cancelled the appointment yesterday. “They called and left a message.” No call. No message. We still got in but it was an hour wait. Jake got his shots so that +he has a tooth that’s cutting means he’s been one grumpy boy.

The boys and I were just waking up when Mando was getting home from work this morning. So, besides a shower and maybe and hour of play time it was all me today.

I need some me time and I’m really starting to feel it. I haven’t worked out since Monday so I’m feeling chubby, I’m breaking out cause I’m due to get a visit from aunt flow any day now. And I’m just really feeling down on myself. Really, really down.